Presence and Time

The idea of presence is easier to grasp intellectually than to achieve experientially.

Intellectually, presence is simply the ability to be in the present moment. You cannot be in the present moment if you are thinking about another moment. Therefore, to be in the present moment, you have to stop thinking. In order to stop thinking [...]

Tip # 1: Diagnose the Disease

Using a medical analogy, you are like a tech doctor with a specific expertise, so before you prescribe make sure you diagnose. What is the business challenge or the disease the audience has? You want to be certain that the presenting problem of the [...]

The Broadband Connection: The Art Of Delivering A Winning IT Presentation

It’s no secret that many IT professionals hate presenting and are often very bad at it. Focusing on technical details and speaking in monotone, they can quickly lose their audiences’ attention and interest. Effective presentation skills are critical to the careers of IT professionals and the proper utilization of corporate resources.

The Broadband Connection will show [...]

The Greatest Gift You Can Give A Customer Part Three

Being a Master Listener is the greatest gift you can give your customer, your friends, your family, your children,your co-workers, etc. Why is this skill so rare? It is rare because you need to shift the focus off of you and put it on the other person. Just for the moment of interaction you need [...]

The Greatest Gift You Can Give A Customer Part Two

One communication objective in a sales situation is to be a Master Listener. Why? Because by listening you gain access into your customer’s world. You begin to understand the customer’s goals, challenges and needs. Once you understand the needs then you can determine if your features, functions and benefits will satisfy those needs.

I [...]

The Greatest Gift You Can Give A Customer Part One

To be effective in sales you need to be a Master Communicator. People often think about communication as just the out flowing of data . However, the Master Communicator knows it is not only skillfully being able to outflow the data but more importantly, mastering the ability to listen. True [...]