The Greatest Gift You Can Give A Customer Part Three

Being a Master Listener is the greatest gift you can give your customer, your friends, your family, your children,your co-workers, etc. Why is this skill so rare? It is rare because you need to shift the focus off of you and put it on the other person. Just for the moment of interaction you need to surrender your belief structures and listen to the other person from the space of ‘Not Knowing’.In order to have a better understanding of this ‘Not Knowing’ concept imagine a circle and inside the circle contains all the knowledge of the universe which an article in National Geographic measured to be 11 billion light years in size. In the space of this 11 billion light years I imagine there are millions of galaxies with hundreds of millions of suns with millions of planets that probably support life. Therefore, if the circle contains all knowledge of the universe what percent of that knowledge do you contain right now in your personal database of knowledge? Just for argument sake let’s say .0001 percent and that probably is generous. Next question.What percent of this universal knowledge don’t you know? Most people will automatically respond and say all the rest. However, what you don’t know is also .0001 percent. The final question is…What is the 99.9998 per cent of universal knowledge? This huge per cent of knowledge is…You don’t know you don’t know. Let me explain this using a simple illustration When you are born you don’t even know you don’t know how to tie your shoes. Around age three you notice your Mom playing with the spaghetti on your shoes and she makes it into a bow knot.You now realize that you don’t know how to tie a bow knot.You keep practicing tying the knot and eventually you end up knowing how to tie the knot. Therefore, the knowledge process starts with…You don’t even know that you don’t even know, then you don’t know and finally…You know.

How is this connected to being a Master Listener? Because the way the vast majority of human beings listen to the thoughts of others is by comparing those thoughts with the content of their database. In other words they listen to assess, judge and evaluate everything they observe and hear. This is very counterproductive because you are then trapped in a conditioned conceptual reality with no hope of escape to the other 99.9998 per cent of universal knowledge. For example, when Einstein introduced his theory of relativity how many mathematician and physicist agreed with his theory? The answer was zero because when you compared the theory to what was known it obviously was wrong. But of course now, we all know that the theory was proven to be true and Einstein is regarded as a genius.

One of the key skills to become a Master Listener is to listen to all the things you observe and hear from the place of “Not Knowing”. You could describe this as being a listener for possibility rather than to be a listener for assessment. When you see or hear something that doesn’t immediately agree with your .0001 percent of knowledge don’t discard it as not being true. Be open and give those thoughts and events the space to exist in your reality. When Galileo says the earth goes around the sun don’t immediately laugh and call him a fool just because everyone knows the sun goes around the earth. Be open to the possibility that the earth goes around the sun.Say to Galileo that you always thought the sun goes around the earth. Why do you believe the earth goes around the sun? Allow the thought of sun being the center to exist in your conditioned reality in which the earth is the center. You will observe that one characteristic of a person who listens for possibility is that their sentences ends with a question marks and when you listen to assess your sentences end with a period.

In conclusion, the benefits of possibility listening i.e. “coming from not knowing” are enormous. It begins to unfreeze your conditioned reality and you can begin to escape from the prison of your mind. It also gives you access to the other 99.9998% of knowledge which is outside your mind generated prison walls. You can now live your life from the space of Being rather than to be condensed onto an individual point called the “I”, “Me” or “Ego”. In the next blog I will begin to distinguished the difference between the Ego and the Being.

As Soon As You Fight The Story In Someone Else You Become Part Of It Eckhart Tolle

Alan Carroll, author of The Broadband Connection: The Art of Delivering a Winning IT Presentation. Mr. Carroll is an Educational Psychologist specializing in the transpersonal field. He has been a preferred training vendor at Cisco Systems for over 16 years.

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